Free meets the challenges of fiber optics and mobile

Free meets the challenges of fiber optics and mobile

Iliad has big plansFollowing the presentation of Iliad’s economic results for the first half of 2008 (after the acquisition of Alice, Free makes its economic balance), Niel took stock of the various sites of the FAI and in particular the deployment of optical fiberAn optical fiber is a glass or plastic wire. Its diameter is very thin and has an interesting property: conducting light. Surrounded… and its desire to become a mobile operator.

The challenge of fiber optics

Maxime Lombardini in MontpellierFree log so more than ever on fiber optics. By the end of 2009, Free hopes to have covered 70% of the capital, in addition to the center of several provincial cities (Montpellier, Valenciennes, Lyon, Toulouse, etc.). However, there is little chance that the group will communicate on the fiber until it has a sufficiently significant fleet.

Currently, an obsolete number of subscribers are taking advantage of it in Paris and Montpellier. For the subscriber, this does not entail any additional cost, the transfer being carried out quite naturally by a simple change of FreeboxMultifunction ADSL modem designed by the access provider Free (aka Illiad). The Freebox is a proprietary box developed by Free and supplied to…. Free’s plan to spend a billion euros by 2012 to deploy its networkLAN is the acronym for the English term Local Area Network, which can be translated into French by Local Network. Its definition consists of a set of gold… obviously still holds.

Free mobile operator?

Regarding the soap on the 4th mobile operator, it therefore continues and it is an understatement to say that Free wants to be there. Niel says that he has an offer in the drawers that would save a family of three subscribers 1000 euros per year.

In any case, with the procedure to be followed (ARCEP report, recommendations and call for applications) there will probably be no allocation before the second half of 2009.