Free launches new Dedibox Pro offers

Discover the student pack of Free and Microsoft

A row of DediboxFree wishes to conquer the professional server market and therefore adapts its Dedibox offer to businesses.

Remember that with Dedibox Free offers professionals (and individuals who wish) a secure and efficient server at a lower cost.

An optimized offer at low prices

A Dedibox is today made up of Intel technologiesIntel is the world’s leading manufacturer of computer microprocessors. The term Intel comes from the contraction of “Integrated Electronics”)…. XeonXeon is the name traditionally carried by server versions of Intel x86 architecture processors. Xeon is an appellation that coexists… four heartsMain unit of calculation in a processor. The main current processors now include two or even four units engraved in the same … X3350, 8 GB of RAM and two hard disks of one Terabyte each.

Today, the Dedibox offer is available in two options: 2x1TB RAIDTechnology consisting in simultaneously managing two or more separate hard disks, so that one contains an exact copy of the data of the… for 119.89 € including all taxes and 3x1TB RAID for 131.54 € including all taxes. This offer directly competes with that of its competitors, such as OVH.

In addition to attractive rates, Free guarantees optimal availability, thanks in particular to a double electric source, a double networkLAN is the acronym for the English term Local Area Network, which can be translated into French by Local Network. Its definition consists of a set of gold… and hard drives in RAID and hotswap.