Free interests Rupert Murdoch

Free interests Rupert Murdoch

Iliad soon cousin of Fox News?Our colleagues from La Tribune report a passionate interest from the Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch for Free and its parent company Iliad. The media mogul, already owner of numerous titles and bouquets of channels around the world (Fox News, Twentieth Century Fox, Wall Street Journal and The Times, among others) would like to integrate Iliad into its multinational NewsCorp. The billionaire, who has long wanted to enter the French market, sees this as a dream opportunity to expand his empire.

Hostile takeover

Generally, when the tycoon wants something, he gets it. Not content with finding an opportunity to infiltrate the pay TV market, dominated by Canal +, he had met several leaders of TF1 in order to buy Eurosport. In vain, the Bouygues-owned chain would not want to part with its sports channel. What does it matter, since Murdoch would now have set his sights on Iliad and his ISP, Free. Not sure Niel is hearing this, but in the meantime rumors are rife. And these are also confirmed on the stock market where the action of the French group took almost 3% where the CAC40 yielded 4% on the day.

NewsCorp in France?

If an agreement were to take place, it is a safe bet that NewsCorp would integrate additional chains to the Free bouquet, like what the multinational has already achieved in Italy through Sky. What to compete even more Neuf and Orange.