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Free fire

Even if it doesn’t revolutionize the genre on mobile, Garena Free Fire nonetheless a good game Battle royale with different characters, quick and nervous 10-minute games, vehicles and lots of customization options.

Quick games for 50 players

Garena Free Fire is a free game using the principle of Battle Royale like PUBG Mobile or the no less known Fortnite APK: 50 players must parachute on a paradise card, collect weapons and protections and be the last living person in the area of play which shrinks gradually.

This Android game stands out because it offers games of 50 players, solo, duo or in teams of 4 players; further the parties to Garena Free Fire only last 5 minutes, which gives it great intensity.

Presentation and course of a game

The game starts from Garena Free Fire by a parachuting over an abandoned island, the players freely choose their landing zone thanks to their skysurf which allows them to hover in the air in order to cover a great distance. Once on the ground, the equipment and arms race begins, many items are scattered on the map (frying pan, machete, pistols, automatic weapons, sniper rifles, grenades, protective helmet, kit of care, vehicles etc.) These objects will be picked up automatically if you are nearby, you can then exchange an object on the ground with one of your inventory if it is full (4 locations).

Plan your strategy according to your equipment and your style of play, hide to surprise your opponents, let them kill each other or chase them relentlessly if you are armed to the teeth. The playing area is gradually shrinking, the goal is to stay in this “safe area” indicated on the map at the top left. If you are outside this area, you will be hit by air raids and you will slowly lose your life until inevitable death. If you are too far from this area, it is always possible to find a vehicle to fill the distance faster.

Many cosmetic equipment and weapon skins are available to shape his character in his image. Dance emotes are also included in the game to anger your opponents or entertain your teammates.

A system of daily quests and missions allows you to earn gold and level up to unlock certain features. There is of course a micro-transaction system to progress faster. Again this game has taken over everything that makes the undisputed success of Fortnite.

Multiple maps and game modes

Garena Free Fire offers two cards, Purgatory and Bermuda shorts as well as game modes to unlock by leveling up. The mode rush hour offers even faster 20-player games and mode Death Race which consists of appearing with an armored and armed vehicle in an explosive battlefield. On the content side, many weapons are available, from machetes to grenade launchers to sniper rifles. Vehicles are also there to reach the game area faster.

Customize your character

Although it is free, the game offers many passes and paid content to customize the appearance of each character. Indeed, fifteen characters are to be unlocked, they have special characteristics to increase over the levels.

Garena Free Fire gameplay

The controls in Free fire – Battlegrounds are quite simple and easy to use if you have a little mastery of mobile gaming: on the left side of the screen is the virtual directional cross to control your character, on the right side find 4 buttons to pull, squat, lie down and jump.

Control of the camera and therefore of the aiming is done by sliding your finger on the screen. In the upper right corner you will find your inventory in which you can select the weapon you want to use or replace these with new ones found on the ground. It is possible to enlarge the map located at the top left to observe in detail the map and the playing area. The controls are very intuitive and well thought out.

Many options

Garena Free Fire offers many parameters to define the details of the graphics, the sensitivity and the options of the controls as well as the sound effects. The game has graphics and a good soundtrack on Android even if a bit bland.

Should you try Garena Free Fire?

Thanks to its very good playability and fast games, this action game in the third person openly inspired by PUBG and Fortnite is in the top of its category. Take your nicest frying pan out of the closet and take on 50 players in intense and fast-paced games of about ten minutes or your goal is to eliminate your opponents by all possible means to be the last survivor.

Solo, duo, or a squad of 4 friends or unknown players from around the world, it offers a good gaming experience and a deep immersion. The game also takes less memory space on your smartphone than its competitors and it is much less demanding in terms of resources, so everyone can play it carefree, even with mid-range smartphones. As a result, the game is less detailed graphically, some places on the map appear empty and some buildings are little worked.

It is advisable to play with headphones or earphones to take full advantage of the excellent soundtrack, hear the sounds of bullets fired by your opponents to locate them and alerts when the playing area shrinks.

Garena Free Fire, the strong points:

  • Quick games
  • Cooperation with friends
  • Good playability
  • Does not require a very high speed connection
  • Regular updates for new content

Garena Free Fire, the weak points:

  • Less graphically detailed than its competitors
  • Some display bugs
  • Some customization items expire over time