Free condemned for deception on the unlimited

Free condemned for deception on the unlimited

Image 1: Free condemned for deception on the unlimited

The concept ofunlimited is still subject to caution for telephone operators and Internet service providers. So much so that many of them have been called to order in recent years because of the many limits surrounding the Internet, texting and unlimited calls. The last to pay the price is none other than Free and its owner, Iliad, who have just been sentenced to a 75,000 euro fine by the Paris Criminal Court.

Several of his subscribers accused him of misleading commercial practice with regard to calls to foreign countries from landlines between 2009 and 2012. Sold as unlimited by Free, these calls were actually subject to a “Non-abusive use”, terms that the court did not find clear enough for the subscriber. In fact, calls were not always allowed during certain hours of the week. And when they were working, communications abroad were systematically cut off after 40 minutes.

These facilities, recognized by Free, aimed in particular to fight against fraud. An insufficient explanation for the court which nevertheless admitted that similar behavior is found on the side of competition. Except that the communication of the access provider was considered too little explicit for the customer.

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