Free breakdowns: after a month of internet shutdown, subscribers finally get repair

Since December 2020, subscribers in four municipalities located in Meurthe-et-Moselle have been victims of regular Internet cuts. Faced with Free’s inaction, three subscribers and IT professionals conducted their investigation and formed a collective made up of around a hundred complainants. With their tenacity, they forced Free to fix the problem.

failure free
Credit: Free

While Free recently had fun with the forced price hike practiced by Red by SFR, hundreds of subscribers from Meurthe-et-Moselle would have appreciated the operator’s intervention on a recurring problem. Indeed and as reported by our colleagues from the newspaper L’Est RĂ©publicain, subscribers in the municipalities of Saint-Max, Essey-les-Nancy, MalzĂ©ville and Saulxures were victims of frequent Internet cuts since December 2020.

These repeated outages complicate the lives of affected subscribers, making teleworking and remote studies very, very difficult. Anthony, professional drone pilot and resident of MalzĂ©ville, even keeps an Excel document to record the time of each cut: “I’m wasting time stupidly, I have to do different loads and sometimes it cuts off a minute before the end, I have to start all over ”, he tells in the columns of the Republican East.

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Three subscribers decide to investigate

Some students who subscribe to Free must go to friends’ homes to be able to follow the lessons by videoconference. Faced with Free’s inaction, three customers decide to join forces to encourage the operator to act. Manon, Xavier and David are all three in IT. In Manon’s case, she is responsible for information systems within the Army.

The three subscribers set up tools to monitor the network and log the time and date of the various cuts. “I created a software, I noticed an Internet cut of 3 minutes 19 and this 1 to 6 times an hour all day long ”, Manon details. After collecting enough data, the trio formed a collective on Facebook in order to bring together all the potential victims. Very quickly, the group exceeded a hundred people.

All the technical data collected was sent to Free and after a month of reports and persistence, Free intervened to solve the problem. Subscribers now enjoy a stable connection, thanks in large part to the action of Manon, Xavier and David.

Source: L’Est RĂ©publicain