Free attacked again for its hotline

Does Free bride have certain services for its subscribers?

Image 1: Free attacked again for its hotlineIs the Free hotline always surcharged? For the Freeks association, there is no doubt about it. This notably denounces the price of 0.34 euro per minute invoiced by Free when a customer calls the operator from a line not belonging to Free.

Calling Free is expensive

“Free can not ignore that by invoicing in this way, it is guilty of invoicing without any counterpart insofar as the service actually rendered (when it is) can only start after the connection with a person in charge of the treatment, which does not happen with each call, and, when that does, it is never immediate insofar as the caller is subjected to a certain number of manipulations and more or shorter, before the actual contact with the advisor responsible for processing the request, “explains Freeks.

Recall that the Chatel law was just voted to sign the stop of the hotlines surcharged by the operators, and had notably brought the free waiting time. But for Freeks, “the Free company is not in compliance with the law”, and the association specifies that it “does not exclude bringing the case to court”.