Free and YouTube: Whose fault is it when data rates are low?

Free and YouTube: Whose fault is it when data rates are low?

Image 1: Free and YouTube: Whose fault is it if the speeds are low?

The subscribers Free who use Youtube in the evening are accustomed to insufficient flow rates, and this, for many months. The case is so important that theUFC What to Choose decided to seize theArcep and the DGCCRF.

The goal of the operation is to find out who Google or Free is responsible for the degradation of the connection during peak hours. Niel, CEO of Free, indicated in the columns of the daily Liberation that the interconnection pipes were indeed full around 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. In solution, it “Invite people who have problems with Youtube to realize that on Dailymotion, often there are the same videos. The video streaming service doesn’t have the same problems as YouTube because it gets a lot less traffic. For its part, Google does not want to finance the overflow of connections to its service.

Google ready to make an effort

Nevertheless, he wants to relieve the machine by installing cache servers at the access providers. From then on, the data will no longer have to transit and would arrive directly to the Internet user. But now, the interested parties refuse to open their doors to Google. Two reasons are given. They want to remain masters of their networks and have their own content replication services to resell.

Now, Google or Free must seize Arcep directly, otherwise the telecoms regulator will not be able to open a dispute settlement procedure. Waiting, Dailymotion works perfectly at all times.