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France: The iPhone V2 on sale in the FNAC?

France: The iPhone V2 on sale in the FNAC?

"FNAC could have gotten Apple to sell the iPhone", this is what our colleague says, MacBidouille, who seems to have received information claiming that the iPhone V2 could very well appear on store shelves FNAC [in France].

A few months ago, the FNAC had filed a complaint against Apple and Orange for exclusivity contracts, inadmissible according to them. An arrangement the amicable with Apple would he have been negotiated?

We also learn from the same source that the iPhone in France [the occasion of the release of the iPhone V2] could also be sold and now by Apple Premium Resellers [Apple brand resellers]. What could conclude “A fair return to things” making these sellers take advantage of the fact that the iPhone is a very good call product in order to sellothers products of the Cupertino brand.

Finally, the iPhone V2 in France would still sell under exclusivity contract with Orange.

We discuss it on the forum.


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