France: The iPhone 3G officially arrives at SFR!

Orange lost its exclusivity on the sale of the iPhone 3G in France and it did not take too long for competing mobile operators (SFR and Bouygues) to announce their intention to also sell the iPhone 3G officially.

The second French mobile operator, SFR, already appears in the starting blocks since he has just announced his special iPhone prices as well as a marketing date for the precious one set for April 8!

As for the price of the device, it will be offered at the same prices as Orange, namely 99 for the 8GB model and 199 for the 16GB. On the subscription side, there is a resemblance to those practiced by Orange but SFR will be able to boast of offering unlimited text and data. However, a fair use of 500MB will apply for data.

Find the table showing the SFR iPhone tariff offers below.

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