France Telecom: the video that embarrasses Lombard

France Telecom: the video that embarrasses Lombard

Image 1: France Telecom: the video that embarrasses LombardCertainly, everything is known on the Internet. While Dider Lombard has been on the front line for several weeks in the France Telecom suicide case, the CEO of the company finds himself in a video recently released, in which we can see him putting pressure on his employees.

“Mussel fishing is over! “

This video, which has been around the Net for a short time, does not fail to create controversy wherever it goes. We see Didier Lombard at the microphone of what seems to be a general meeting at Orange, on January 20. He spoke in particular of the economic crisis that has affected the country for almost a year: “We do not know what is going to happen. We will have to adapt to the reality that will present itself to us with even greater speed. ”

In addition to the concern about the crisis, it is especially the words directly concerning the employees that create the controversy: “Those who think they will be able to continue to be in their wake and not worry, quiet are wrong. Including people who are not in Paris, who think that mussel fishing is wonderful … Well, it’s over! “

Words that are debating, and that an Orange spokesperson, contacted by Mediapart, wishes to qualify: “He is a man who addresses researchers at the Lannion research center, of whom he himself is issue ”. He explains that it was a “joke between comrades at Polytechnique. Mussel fishing is an allusion to Brittany, it was not a question of stigmatizing officials. He also pointed out that these images were not intended to be broadcast publicly and should have been kept private, just like the meeting in question. Nothing therefore explains how this video, broadcast by Mediapart, could be found online.