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France: Orange sold 810,000 iPhones!

It’s this morning that the French mobile operator, Orange, presented its annual results. The latter also took the opportunity to communicate some sales statistics for the iPhone 3G sold in France.

The operator had already announced last November that he had sold 600,000 iPhones including 450,000 3G iPhones. Orange announces that it has sold a total of 810,000 units, which would give us a total of 660,000 iPhone 3G sold since its marketing in July 2008, including 210,000 units over the Nol period alone.

Orange has also announced that it is not less than 50% of new customers who have opted for the iPhone on its network and that they are “good customers” since they provide the operator with an average of 86 excl. which is double the average consumption of customers with subscriptions!

Its figures could, however, change in fiscal 2009 since Orange lost the exclusivity of the sale of the iPhone 3G in France. Its rivals, SFR and Bouygues are quickly preparing to offer it. A marketing date at SFR is already set for April 8.

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