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Available in French for 2.79 euros, FPse is a PlayStation emulator for Android. It is distinguished by its very numerous parameters and a simple, but well thought out interface. If we can see some slowdowns, the application generally offers a fluid and immersive gaming experience.

As for epsxe, you must download the bios scph7502.bin or scph1001.bin before you can use FPse. Then import your ISO disc images on your Android device, in a directory that must be defined when the application is opened. From then on, all of your games will appear on the home page, in the form of customizable covers.

During the game, the program does not suffer from bugs or notable slowdowns, thus guaranteeing the immersion of the player. An options button is directly available, offering 5 storage locations, entering cheat codes and accessing the application settings.

Very numerous, these allow you to configure the system options (turbo mode, automatic backup, etc.), video (speed, resolution, optimization of 3D rendering and brightness, etc.), or audio (reverberation, speed, etc.). The controller, in normal, analog or Guncon mode, is also widely configurable. Each button of the virtual controller can thus be displayed or hidden, and subjected to different opacities. Vibration, multitouch, force feedback or even the import of controller skins are some of the other features available. To note that FPse allows to connect 2 external controllers to the application.

Despite this multitude of parameters, menu navigation proves to be well organized and intuitive. Many options, more secondary, are for example the subject of a separate tab, thus avoiding making the interface messy. In particular, let’s remember the possibility of creating game shortcuts directly from your Android application launcher.