Foxconn: wage cuts and departures because of iPhone sales

Foxconn: wage cuts and departures because of iPhone sales

iPhoneLiPhone, which is losing ground, suppliers are experiencing a backlash a few months later. This is the case of Foxconn which saw or sent 50,000 employees in the last quarter alone.

The Chinese glove of the electronic assembly did everything to adapt to the new rates dictated by Apple which saw its sales of telephones to fall for the first time in 10 years.


Foxconn cuts wages and benefits

According to a local daily, the South China Morning Post, Foxconn management would have set up a restructuring following this. Decisions are diverse and concern all employees directly. In addition to the dismissals of precarious contracts, the firm has pushed others to the exit by removing the extra hours, become unnecessary, and removing the free on the cleaning service and on the shuttles.

Result, the salaris have lost nearly 30% (average of 4000 3000 yuan) on their payroll and queuing in the offices of HR to leave the company.

Obviously, this is only a small part of the workforce, 45% of which are owned by Apple. The rest is working on the assembly of products for Nintendo, Google, Amazon or Microsoft.