The sale of iPhone finally on the rise in China?

Foxconn says it can produce iPhones outside of China

iPhoneApple's main assembler, Foxconn, has declared its investors that it has the capacity to produce iPhones for the American market without using its Chinese facilities, potentially bypassing any customs duties between the two countries.

More specifically, a senior executive named Young Liu made it clear that Foxconn could make enough phones to supply the entire US market without resorting to its Chinese factories. It would pass through other non-submissive territories included in this trade war which resulted in a banishment from Huawei.

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Foxconn could produce iPhone in the USA

Here's what Young Liu, chief of Hon Hai's semiconductor division, the other name for Foxconn, said to its investors at a Taipei meeting:

Twenty-five percent of our production capacity is located outside of China. We can help Apple meet its needs in the US market. We have enough capacity to meet Apple's demand.

Despite the announcement, Liu confirmed that Apple has yet to request such a change, while keeping potential assembly locations a secret. Foxconn ensures in any case to be able to act quickly and to adapt to the demand of its number one customer. Besides, the firm has already worked on the transfer of iPhone production to India and Vietnam.

To finally reassure, Liu even mentioned a factory project in Wisconsin. An operation already noisy and controversial internally but which could save the partnership if tensions were still escalating on the side of the American president.

If this were done, more than 2,000 jobs would be created. A case to follow since it could have a strong impact on the cost of the iPhone in the near future. Rumors announce an inflated price for the iPhone 11 …