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Foxconn: a million robots to replace its staff

Foxconn: a million robots to replace its staff

Foxconn boss Terry Ghou recently announced the arrival of a million robots in his factories. A strategy that could strengthen the output of production but also have social implications.

Foxconn recently announced that it plans to use 1 million robots to arrive in its facilities within three years. The robots, once installed, will be used for simple and repetitive tasks like painting or assembling. Currently, the subsidiary of the Hon-Ai group has only 10,000 robots and should have 300,000 by the end of next year.

This is the kind of robot it will be possible to find Foxconn | D.R.

Analysts say it could be a strategy to speed up production and somehow address the problems the assembler faces with its employees.

As a reminder, the Chinese firm, which has 1.2 million workers, was the subject of a polemic last year when it was affected by a wave of suicides among its staff. The workers have repeatedly deplored the difficult working conditions in which they were plunged and this, daily, for a salary not exceeding 200 per month.

It remains to be seen whether the arrival of these new tools would not risk causing another wave, that which concerns dismissal… Indeed, Foxconn has recently seen its turnover decrease and could fight against its “financial difficulties” by dismissing a part of its staff for the benefit of these machines to revitalize their income and return to the path of growth.

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