Foursquare: 3 million "check-ins" per day

Foursquare: 3 million "check-ins" per day

The Foursquare social network continues to grow with 10 million members in its assets who carry out no less than three million check-ins per day.

Dennis Crowley Foursquare C.E.O | D.R.

The success is growing for the Foursquare application. Location app manager Dennis Crowley recently said Bloomberg TV that there were now no less than 3 million "check-ins" (understand: position recorded in a specific place) recorded per day against 2 million check-ins recorded in February.

Out of 10 million registered users, the current number of daily check-ins is quite impressive. This does not mean that 3 million users use Foursquare every day (because a user can save their location several times a day) but it does mean that the interest in this social network is growing.

500,000 “special offers” listed among merchants.

If the success of Foursquare is growing with smartphone users, the same goes for merchants who are now no less than 500,000 offering special offers to customers who check-in within their establishment. Recall that Foursquare recently signed with the Groupon brand which will contribute a word of mouth phenomenon so that the smartphone user is inclined to register on the social network.

And you, are you using Foursquare more and more? Have you already found a good plan in your area?

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(Source: Business Insider via Bloomberg TV | Foursquare on the App Store )