Fortnite trainer responds to Mongraal Stream's sniping allegations – GKZ Hitech

A few weeks ago, we saw allegations that Mongraal and his team used their trainer, DestinysJesus, to broadcast snipes for them. The trainer FaZe replied.

On November 27, Dexerto got an exclusive video that seemed to show Mongraal and his team of BenjyFishy, ​​Wolfiez and Nayte stream sniping with the help of their trainer, DestinysJesus. It happened during one of the last weeks of the FNCS EU qualifiers.

In the video, you can hear the team discussing the landing point of an enemy squad. Destiny told Mongraal and the crew that the competing team was not the same as the one they faced in previous games. He also informed the team that the aforementioned team had landed at Pleasant Park – suggesting that it was looking at a stream.

Via: Dexerto

To make things more suspicious, the team competed out of flux during these qualifications. The above video was allegedly taken from a Mongraal download, which was then shot to exclude this clip.

It would have been a shame to see Mongraal and his company disqualified from the FNCS – even if this interaction was as bad as it had appeared. The team had already qualified several times on the stream; which means that the alleged sniping shot made no difference.

Still, many competitive Fortnite fans wondered why this problem was not more serious. The community has yet to overcome the cheating of XXiF and Ronaldo during the World Cup qualifiers, and sniping is an equally overwhelming allegation.

Everyone on the team seemed to ignore these allegations – which was a smart decision. Nobody spoke of what happened until DestinysJesus tweeted the results of the grand finale of the FNCS EU. Mongraal, BenjyFishy, ​​Wolfiez and Nayte finished second in the region.

According to Destiny, Epic investigated the problem and felt that no action was necessary. The fans seem to be separate here. On the one hand, it is one of the most popular teams in the EU. On the other, we saw another FaZe member, Nate Hill, suspended for less.

The event is now in the rearview mirror, so there is no point in reporting the sniping allegations. Let's just hope that Epic will establish an explicit rule one way or the other regarding coaching in future Fortnite tournaments.