Les bugs de Fortnite Saison 2 vous permettent de rebondir des fusées et de danser avec du propane

Fortnite Season 2 bugs allow you to bounce rockets and dance with propane

New Fortnite Season 2 bugs have appeared that are slightly lighter than others.

Bugs are an unfortunate byproduct of patches in every game. Fortnite, at times, feels more prone to bugs than other games, but that's mainly due to the sheer number of updates. Fortunately, many of these patches are designed to fix bugs from previous versions.

As expected, Fortnite Season 2 was released with a long list of bugs attached. You could not offer the Battle Pass, the challenges assisted by the group did not work and the players fell across the map. Epic has resolved some issues, but others remain in the game.

More recently, however, players have started to find less serious bugs than some previously reported. Two of the recent reports deal with bouncing rockets and the transportation of a propane tank throughout the match.

Epic Games

The former was discovered by several players, but SypherPK brought it to the attention of the masses. He was playing a game with NickMercs when someone in his chat noticed something strange.

Apparently, a fuse bounced off one of their walls. It turns out that you can bounce a fuse on a C4 brick. Since then, other streamers have used the bug to create trickshots, like that of Nick Eh 30.

The possibility of bouncing rockets on C4 is almost certainly not intentional, but the cool clips are enough for me to want it to stay in the game.

The other problem is probably more fun. For some reason, the game does not allow you to bring The Rig's propane tanks beyond a certain point. When you bring the chariot beyond this point and place it on the ground, it permanently fixes your hand.

It's horrible if you're trying to win the game. You can kiss your goal goodbye with the tank occupying 70% of your screen while ADS. As this video shows, however, the problem creates hilarious emoticons.

The employee stings Louigilou2 how this post on Reddit, saying: Don't shake the propane, Bobby! Thanks for the report, send it to our QA team for review.

There are however a lot of bugs in the game, and this one is quite specific. He probably won't be at the top of Epic's list. Bugs will likely still be part of Fortnite. At least we can have a little laugh at these.