Fortnite Polar Legends Release Date And Price Pack - GKZ Hitech

Fortnite Polar Legends Release Date And Price Pack – GKZ Hitech

Here is the official release date and the price of the Fortnite Polar Legends pack.

The Fortnite Polar Legends pack / bundle was originally disclosed more than a week ago in the patch v11.30 update. In the v11.31 update, the dataminers declared that the name of the pack would be Glacial Legends, but that was not the case. Yesterday, players who changed the time and date on their system were able to access and purchase the Polar Legends Fortnite pack / bundle.

However, the pack is not officially available in most countries, but it is currently available for purchase in New Zealand and Australia. Here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite Polar Legends pack / bundle, including the official global release date and prices in different currencies.

Fortnite Polar Legends Pack

Release date

The Polar Legends pack will be released on Monday 23 December. It will be available for purchase almost from the 23rd where you live. There are sometimes delays for the pack to appear, and they will now be available in the left Fortnite item store in the selected section instead of the store, which has now been removed.


Here is the price of the Polar Legends pack in different currencies:

  • $ 24.99 (USD)
  • 24.99 (EUR)
  • 19.99 (GBP)
  • $ 37.95 (AUD)

Which Fortnite, Emotes and Back Blings skins are included?

There are a total of four Fortnite skins, an emote and two back blings in this pack / bundle. Here is a list below:

  • Skin / Frozen Nog Ops outfit.
  • Skin / stick of frozen fish stick.
  • Code name E.L.F. & style.
  • ELF. Shield Back Bling & style.
  • The Devourer outfit with additional style and integrated into Might Roar Emote.
  • Castle Peaks Back Bling.
Fortnite v11.30 Leaked Skin - Frozen Nog OpsFortnite v11.30 Leaked Skin – Frozen Nog Ops
Fortnite v11.30 Leaked Skin - Frozen FishstickFortnite v11.30 Leaked Skin – Frozen Fishstick
Devourer Fortnite skinDevourer Fortnite skin
Fortnite Castle Peak Back BlingFortnite Castle Peak Back Bling
Fortnite Codename E.L.F Leaked Merry Mint Minty Skin StyleFortnite Codename E.L.F Leaked Merry Mint Minty Skin Style
Fortnite v11.30 Leak emote - Power RoarFortnite v11.30 Leak emote – Power Roar
Official Fortnite Polar Legends PackPolar Legends Fortnite Official Pack via I Talk Fortnite

It is interesting to note that Epic has decided to add Codename ELF in this pack because it does not even correspond to the theme of the pack. It seems that it was a last effort to sell the pack, because apart from the Frozen Nog Ops skin, it is a rather disappointing pack.

We may never see Codename ELF in the store after the official release of this pack worldwide.