Fortnite: Kratos (God of War) could land very soon in the game from Epic Games

Fortnite could welcome a distinguished guest in an upcoming update: Kratos, the hero of the God of War series. If nothing is official for the moment, several clues let us think. Fortnite has also just started season 5 of its chapter 2.


Could Fortnite welcome a distinguished guest soon? It seems indeed that one of the new flagship “skins” of the game would be none other than that of Kratos, hero of the God of War saga. It would be the first character from a Sony franchise to interfere in the game.

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The influencer HypeX, specializing in Fortnite, indeed claims that the ghost of Sparta will be present in the game at one time or another. It reveals the appearance of Kratos, which takes that of the last opus to date, released in 2018, with a little cartoon side specific to the title of Epic Games. The thing seems to be confirmed by Sony, which released a sound teasing that leaves little room for doubt: “The next guy you take has literally slaughtered a multitude of gods with his own hands in a fit of uncontrollable rage.”

Fortnite, the guest fair

Fortnite got us used to the presence of guest stars, but this is the first time that a Sony licensed video game hero will be present. Remains to know how it will be available. Will it be reserved for PS4 and PS5 players? Otherwise, it could be the only opportunity to control Kratos on Xbox Series X.

Fortnite is living an important moment in its history. Earlier this week, Season 4 of Chapter 2, devoted to Marvel, ended in style with a daunting fight against Galactus. After destroying the world and taking the servers offline for several hours, the game returned for its season 5. This one has for theme the hunters and welcomes as guest Din Djarin, alias the Mandalorian. This is not the first time that Fortnite has incorporated characters from Star Wars. We remember, for example, a similar event when Rise of Skywalker was released a year ago.

Source: HypeX