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Fortnite: how to play and survive without crafting?

Playing Fortnite in nag mode is also possible.

fortnite crafting tricks

Would you like to get started in Fortnite (like everyone else) but the crafting mechanics put you off? You are not alone. The tips below will help you achieve your royal victory … without building a single wall.

Crafting (or building) is just as important as survival in Fortnite. Building walls, ramps and other structures allows you to easily hide and gain better defense against your opponents. In the following tutorial, we learned how to build your buildings faster and more efficiently. However, it is not essential – recommended but not essential – to use crafting to survive in Fortnite.

Land discreetly

fortnite land discretion

In a Battle Royale, tactical decisions begin long before you enter the battlefield. By first choosing your landing point based on your strengths and weaknesses. Landing in a populated area can be stressful if you haven’t mastered Fortnite gameplay yet. Moving away from the center, and favoring the least dense areas of the map, is a better starting tactic. If you’re looking to loot quickly and safely, it’s a great way to get lower-risk weapons and tools.

However, remember that you will have less time and flexibility in your travels, if you are far from the center of the map. No tourist visit for you, you will have to go to the point of convergence.

Prepare for close combat

Fortnite’s destruction tools are numerous and adapted to different play styles. As you will not be able to rely on your constructions, forget the possibility of playing a vicious sniper. You must first equip yourself with silent weapons (the more discreet you are, the better you will survive) and keep a shotgun close at hand. The latter is triggered faster and offers a greater margin of error if you miss a few shots. In addition, it is ideal for close combat and ambushes, whether to attack or defend yourself.

fortnite shotgun

Health before all !

Without crafting, you will spend most of your games uncovered. Maintaining good health full time is the first of your missions. Collect a maximum of bandages, treatment kits and shield potions throughout your games, especially in the first minutes. It is possible to take several so take advantage of it.

fortnite care

The bandages are transportable in packs of five and restore 15 PV each. They can be activated in five seconds. The care kit is rarer to locate, logical when you know that it allows you to recover a lifetime. Use sparingly therefore. As for shield potions, they give up to 50 shield points. It is essential to drink the little ones first. If you collect blue, it’s better: this epic potion gives you 75 life or shield for 37 seconds; handy if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation.

In ninja mode

Because everyone can easily surprise you, stay constantly mobile during the game. Also avoid attracting attention, for example by attacking structures. Such an offensive emits noise and attracts enemies. Circumnavigate forts filled with enemies or simple targets of these. Sneak around to find your opponents. For those posted at height, do not attack head-on: the storm moving, they will be forced to move and you can therefore reach them by placing yourself strategically nearby.

fortnite hiding

Always remember to look behind you. Several enemies are in your situation and play latecomers. The most discreet hide in foliage or trees, so watch each leaf that trembles or each fall of tree. The absence of crafting will sharpen your senses, that’s for sure!

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