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Fortnite APK9.0

Play before everyone else!
The game Fortnite for Android will be available from the next school year, only via the website of its publisher: Epic Games.

Register now for the game betaif you have a smartphone compatible with the game; you can then receive an email giving you early access to the game.

What is Fortnite and why is it so successful?

As indicated by his name, Fortnite is a game of “Batte Royale”, a cinematographic reference to the film by Kinji Fukasaku released in 2000. In the latter, a class of high school students is dropped on an island and led to fight to the death so that only remains a.

In Fortnite Battle Royale it’s 100 players who are parachuted on an island in order to compete. Everyone begins the game with a pickaxe allowing him, perhaps, to find a more convincing weapon in order to survive. After a while the combat zone begins to shrink so that all the players get closer to each other and generate even more fights.

The result: fun and constantly increasing pressure during the game. Everything to make Fortnite Battle Royale very addictive. Note that the game does not rely on violence to work, the publisher having decided to give it a very cartoon side unlike PUBG Mobile which is much more realistic.

In addition, the other special feature of Fortnite is to offer a system for building defensive structures.

After more than four long months of waiting following the release of the game on iOS, Epic Games finally decides to land Fortnite on Android. So: what is the portage of one of the greatest successes of the moment worth?

Prerequisite: a modern and powerful smartphone

Epic Games announced it a month ago: Fortnite will not be able to run on all Android smartphones. If we imagined that it would be possible to play in comfortable conditions on a smartphone such as the Samsung galaxy s7 – with which we tested the game -, we fell from the clouds. Because it turns out that it struggles to run the game correctly.

With an image rate of 30 to 20, or even less if you are unfortunate enough to receive a notification in full, it becomes quite difficult to imagine that a smartphone with a chipset lower than the Snapdragon 820 could run Fortnite.

The main performance problems appear at the start of the game: the game is rowing heavily during the fall of our character from the freighter. If it seems to take a second wind once on the ground, it is during duels or when gaining height that the game again undergoes heavy slowdowns.

© Epic Games – Android beta version

Graphically speaking, the portage is not doing too badly. Although the graphics have been revised downwards, Fortnite has more than adequate graphic quality for a 3D game running on mobile.

For powerful smartphones, Epic Games has had the good taste to leave the possibility to players to manage the graphic parameters in order to improve performance or appearance, as players could do on PC. The least powerful smartphones will be condemned to never be able to exceed the maximum performance achievable by their smartphone. In our case, with the Samsung Galaxy S7, impossible to adjust the graphic parameters of the game in medium or more.

It is therefore difficult to imagine that players with an older and less powerful smartphone than the S7 can properly appreciate a game on their Android.

© Epic Games – Android beta version

A fairly razor-sharp grip

As for its version on iPhone, the handling on smartphone remains always as difficult to grasp. The third person shooter lends itself quite difficult to smartphones because of the few keys that can be reached simultaneously on a touch screen, and Fortnite requiring a certain reactivity and having a very wide range of actions, the game suffers without surprise a fairly uncomfortable grip. Combined with highly variable performance from one smartphone model to another, part of Fortnite can go from correct to downright painful.

Fortunately, aware of this problem, the developers of Epic Games have integrated, as on iOS, a functionality of aiming assistance, continuous shooting and automatic racing.

© Epic Games – Android beta version As the sound environment is crucial in the game, a graphic aid has been thought to help the player to locate the origin of the shots as well as the footsteps of his enemies.

The construction mode is itself quite difficult to operate, not to mention the latencies generated by the constructions on a weak smartphone as soon as you build too many walls or if you take a little too high.

Android being able to handle mice and keyboards, the majority of the handling problems listed above could have been compensated by these devices. But the parts of Fortnite on smartphone being played mainly on a dedicated server for mobiles, we can understand why Epic Games preferred to avoid players with and without device meeting in the same game. However, on the Fortnite official site, the developers have indicated that their game could become compatible with Bluetooth controllers or dedicated to smartphones.

© Epic Games – Android beta version

So: install, not install?

Despite the problems of handling and latency, the title is no less pleasant to play … at least, if we do not take the games too seriously. This Android version is not intended to be a competitive title like its big brother on PC. The Fortnite games on smartphones are rather intended to be played for fun or to pass the time. We will thus more easily forgive him for his frail performances on the less powerful smartphones.

If the fun and certain sensations that the PC version can offer are found on this nomadic version, the slowdowns and the somewhat painful handling of the game – even on a powerful smartphone – will most certainly put off more than one player.

Attention to the storage space required by the game (+ 3GB) as well as its ability to melt has seen the battery level of the smartphone!

Finally, let’s not forget that the current version of the game on Android is still in beta stage. There is no doubt that Fortnite should be much more optimized and fluid in its final version – but probably no miracles to expect for the less powerful smartphones …

How to play Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale is available for Windows, macOS, Playstation 4, Switch, XBOX One, iOS and soon Android.