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Former Warner Music executive to direct Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple recently hired former Warner Music executive Jeff Bronikowski to lead part of the Apple Music team as the global manager of the company's strategic music initiatives.

Apple Music

Bronikowski updated his LinkedIn status last night, saying he will be working with the Apple Music team. His place of work will be New York, but he will also spend time with Culver City and Cupertino.

Before joining Music, Bronikowski was executive vice-president of the Warner Music Group. He focused on global business development and new technologies. Previously, he also worked at The Echo Nest, later acquired by Spotify, as well as by IAC and Tribeca Shortlist.

Currently, Music faces stiff competition from Spotify, which continues to grow more and more thanks to the high concentration on original podcasts. Music currently has over 60 million paying users. That's about half of the 125 million Spotify subscribers, but the growth prospects in 2020 look bright.