Former Apple criticizes Macbook Pro Touch Bar

Former Apple criticizes Macbook Pro Touch Bar

icon macbook 2016If the name of Chuq Von Rospach does not evoke anything in ordinary people, it is a former employee of Apple who has just published an article on the Touch Bar. After having had it in his hands for more than six months (he bought it just when it was released in October 2016), he switched to a latest generation iMac 5K devoid of the famous Touch Bar (and therefore Touch ID) . As a result, he doesn't miss it at all.

Suddenly, Chuq advances to say that this novelty is useless and that Apple would do better to offer it as an option rather than charging customers on high-end models. It is a niche technology which does not, for the moment, bring any tangible added value to the user. Apple is used to solving everyday problems with its products, so much so that we wonder how we did it before. With the Touch Bar, this is not the case.

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The Touch ID already outdated

While Chuq specifies that he misses the Touch ID a little, he specifies that his Apple Watch allows to unlock his session effortlessly, or even to use Apple Pay on the web in the same way. In addition, when we see that Apple has not integrated it into the new desktop Mac keyboards and that the iPhone 8 will open to facial recognition, we say that the Touch ID is already outdated.

Should Apple review its plans or find the great app for the Touch Bar? You tell us!