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Forget everything you know: how to protect your Android smartphone in the right way

In recent times, security is increasingly important for users. Many are content with a simple lock scheme or code. This prevents the curious from going to search the contents of your smartphone, but not the applications. In case of theft also, your data like your Facebook account are particularly sensitive. Here is a complete guide to protect your smartphone effectively, and with common sense.

Avoid public / open WiFi networks

A short and uncompromising advice: if you connect to public and / or open networks, do not transmit any sensitive deal. This includes the connection of banking applications, your Paypal account see your Cloud. No scholarly terms like man-in-the-middle here, some apps can just read the news you're reading, etc. In short, your smartphone and the applications you use are not secure enough to be used on a public network. If you have a VPN, do not hesitate to use it to guarantee more security.

AndroidPIT router wifi 2
Beware of data that you can send if you are connected to a public or open network. AndroidPIT

Use parental control in the youngest

We must not forget that many Android users are major and therefore must be better protected. If Android already offers some interesting features (such as multi-account), nothing beats good parental control to ensure that children are safe from Internet problems.

AndroidPIT tablets for kids 1
Not all content is as harmless as Olaf. AndroidPIT

Attention to application installations

Do not download blindly on the Play Store

The Play Store is secure but sometimes some nasty applications fall through the cracks. Also be aware that some are not malicious the first time. The following updates may contain malware, the Google Play Store filters and the users' distrust.

Disable installation from unknown sources

Installing an app through the APK can present many benefits but in some cases it can pose security problems. Unless you are certain of the source and / or quality of your APK file, it is best to avoid using this installation system. Fortunately, by default it is not active by default so it is not easy to push people to download the file and launch it, unlike what can be seen on a computer. For those who are interested, the option is in the settings, submenu security.

apk install android
The configuration can sometimes change depending on your model. AndroidPIT

Read the permissions!

In most cases, which says apps says permissions, read them! We can only insist, if a trivial prior game, like Flappy Bird or other, you ask permission to make calls or send sms, it's a bad sign. The connection of data is often requested, to display the pubs in particular. Marshmallow has changed the game but too few users are benefiting from the latter version.

android m management permissions permissions images 01
With Marshmallow, you choose which elements of your phone the application can access. AndroidPIT

Install an Antivirus (if you really need it)

The issue of antivirus is central to many people's concerns. This subject divides the community a lot: should we install one or not? The community of "one is never too careful" does not ask the question. Others fear that it works in the background for nothing, thus slowing down the device without any real reason. It's up to you to choose your side, but in general you should not catch a virus with "normal" use, if you're hacking, installing APKs etc, the risk is higher.

For more information, I invite you to read our article ddi on the question:

Disable Bluetooth and NFC

When you are not using them (obviously …), turn off the NFC and Bluetooth. The latter is a true colander. There are applications, native to some vendors, that enable or disable these features based on your location. As long as you're there, disable your location, at least in the applications for which it is useless, you will save by battery trouble, and no one needs to know where you are any time.

Do you have other techniques, tips or applications on hand? Tell us everything!

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