Ford Sync 4: Wireless Carplay arrives in 2020

Ford Sync 4: Wireless Carplay arrives in 2020

ford-service ipa iphoneFord has announced Sync 4, the new version of its infotainment system for its vehicles. Expected for 2020, it will include CarPlay wireless, which makes it easy to use instead of having to plug in your iPhone each time.

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Sync 4: Ford cuts the cord

The American manufacturer has therefore presented Sync 4, the new generation of its embedded multimedia system. In addition to wireless carplay that is increasingly widespread in cars, Ford also announced support for Android Auto Wireless. Both services go through the Wi-Fi network generated by the vehicle with a 4G LTE chip. To simplify your life, induction charging zones will be provided in cars.

On the other hand, the compatibility should be limited to the new models, it seems unlikely that an update is proposed on the previous vehicles.

In addition, Sync 4 will allow you to have 15.5-inch high definition gloves, Internet voice pairing, remote updates, …