Ford launches anti speeding car

Ford launches anti speeding car

Ford takes a step further in driver assistance, and it is road safety that congratulates him this time. The manufacturer's new S-max will thus soon be offered with an automatic speed limit compliance module.

Ford speed technology This is a first on the consumer car market (the system already exists, but it is reserved for very high-end sedans). The functionality actually brings together several other existing technologies as well as the brand's creations.

Until now, we knew the speed regulators and limiters, Ford wants to go further by offering a module that simply flanges the vehicle over the entire route, and yet adapts to changes in speed limits. How? 'Or' What ? By analyzing the route and identifying the signs with a camera placed on the top of the windshield.

Ford speeding The equipment is already used in part to provide an automatic vehicle hold function in the queue. The camera should spot the numbers on the speed limit signs and then automatically transmit them to the speed limiter.

For the driver, the procedure is simple: he activates the function then drives normally … except that his vehicle can no longer exceed the speed limit authorized on the segment of road he takes.

If the user continues to accelerate, the limiter intervenes and cuts the injection of fuel into the engine to decelerate … At no time will the system take control of the brakes, however, an alert will sound if the car exceeds the limit authorized (on a descent for example) to warn the driver.

The limiter will, however, have two levels. If the driver wishes to overtake which forces him to go beyond the authorized speed limit, he must accelerate until he reaches a click on the accelerator pedal. It can also deactivate the limiter using a button on the steering wheel.

Offered as an option, the module will only be available with the Ford S-Max from April as part of a "Driving Aid Pack" billed in the past 1800 euros on the previous generation (the price should be model on the latter for the new generation of vehicle).