Here's the proof that Android Marshmallow runs very well on old smartphones

Force Doze mode on your smartphone with this App

The Doze mode is one of the great new things brought by Marshmallow. It allows to hibernate unused applications to save battery. However, this mode does not activate as soon as the device is in standby, but after a certain amount of time. With the application we are going to present, you will be able to take advantage of the Doze mode as soon as you dye the screen of your device.

Essential: have a device under Marshmallow and root

In order to be able to benefit from the instant Doze mode, as expected on Android N, you must have a device under Marshmallow and root.

If you are using CyanogenMod 13, you will need to make sure to enable root mode, which is disabled by default. For that, go to settings > Options for developers > Root Access and select Applications and ADB. You will not need to install SuperSU, your device will automatically be root.

ForceDoze: a simple application to use and that makes proud service

ForceDoze is an application that will help you save battery. After installing it, it will ask you for administrator access (on CM 13) or root access. To activate the application, you must then go to the home screen and activate the switch.

Force Doze
An application very easy to configure. AndroidPIT

As you can see in the screenshot above, the application is quite simple. By accessing the menu and selecting Settings, the application offers the possibility of disabling Doze when the device is charging. In addition, ForceDoze disables the motion sensors on your device so that Doze does not activate when your smartphone is in the pocket.

Among the options, you can select a delay before Doze activates (via Doze Delay), which can be instantaneous or pass 30 minutes. It is also possible to configure a whitelist of applications that will not be affected by the Doze mode, for example, to continue receiving chat messages.

  • Download ForceDoze from the Google Play Store

Do you use this app and Doze mode? Have you gained battery life?

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