For Black Friday, the 100 Go B & You package from Bouygues Telecom is € 13.99

Until next Monday, December 7, Bouygues Telecom is lowering the price of its B & You package including 100 GB of Internet data. Indeed, it is offered for only € 13.99 per month. And for 2 € more, you have unlimited Internet access on weekends.

B & You 100 GB 4G

Bouygues Telecom celebrates Black Friday in its own way by lowering the price of its B & You 4G package which allows you to download up to 100 GB of data per month. The latter is therefore offered until next Monday at only € 13.99 per month.

Of course, the offer of B & You is without engagement and allows you to keep your old number. It is therefore possible to terminate it at any time. The plan can also be modified, if you realize that your monthly data consumption is higher than that authorized by the plan you have chosen.

Practical, it is always possible to use all Internet services, up to 10 GB per month, if you are in another European country or in an overseas department. In addition, the package obviously includes unlimited calls to France, as well as SMS and MMS.

And to relax with music, the B & You 100 Go package allows you to enjoy the Spotify Premium service free of charge, for 3 months (€ 9.99 per month thereafter).

Surf without counting on weekends

For € 2 more per month, or € 15.99, the B & You 100 Go plan allows you to use Unlimited internet on weekends. This is particularly interesting, for example, for watching videos without any restrictions or for installing large games on your smartphone.

Several other options are offered by Bouygues Telecom, such as, which allows you – for 6 € / month and without obligation – to watch on your smartphone more than 70 TV channels. Very good point, the downloaded data is not deducted from the 100 GB! The application being Chromecast compatible, the programs can be viewed on your television, if the latter is compatible with this technology or if you have the Google adapter or an Android box.

On the other hand, for 5 € per month, you can protect up to five devices (computers, tablets or smartphones) from viruses and other malicious emails, thanks to the solution of Norton. And with the option Onoff, get a second phone number for only € 3 per month.

All of these options can be tested for free during the first month.

This article is a publication sponsored by Bouygues Telecom.