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FonePaw: recover your lost data on Android or iOS devices

Article sponsored by Fonepaw

What could be more frustrating than mistakenly erasing data stored on a smartphone or tablet following a false manipulation or even when we were forced to clean up due to lack of space.

FonePaw offers you to be the lifeline allowing to remedy it by recovering very simply and quickly any type of erased data: photos, videos and audio files, but also contacts, messages, WhatsApp attached files and other call histories missing.

Four software versions are available, depending on the computer or smartphone / tablet you have:

On Windows as on Mac, the interface is very simple and pleasant to use.

To recover deleted data from iPhone or iPad

You just need to first connect your device to your computer (PC or Mac) via a USB socket.

Image 1: FonePaw: recover your lost data on Android or iOS devicesAfter clicking on ” Recover from iOS device “Then” Start scanning “, FonePaw takes care of scanning the contents of your iPhone or iPad before displaying a preview of all the files that have been deleted there.

Image 2: FonePaw: recover your lost data on Android or iOS devicesYou just have to select the files to recover so that they are saved on your computer.

This version of FonePaw for iPhone and iPad offers two additional options: recover data from iTunes backup or from iCloud backup. With the same simplicity and the same speed.

To recover deleted data from an Android smartphone or tablet

First make sure that your Android device is more than 20% charged and that the drivers are installed and then connect it to the Mac or PC using a USB cable. When detected and authorized to connect, click ” okay ” sure ” Android Data RecoveryFonePaw then displays the types of files that can be recovered. After checking those that interest you, click on ” following To start the process of extracting deleted data from the device.

Image 3: FonePaw: recover your lost data on Android or iOS devicesAfter a few moments, you can view the preview of the files that can be recovered and select the ones you want to save on your computer. And There you go !

Image 4: FonePaw: recover your lost data on Android or iOS devicesThe different versions of FonePaw can be used free of charge during a 30-day trial period. When it is finished, or if you need to recover data before, you will need to buy a license allowing access to all of the software’s functions: viewing images in full screen, recovering files , technical support and free updates, etc.