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Follow this tutorial to share your Disney + account with your loved ones

7 profils disney plus

The new Disney + streaming service offers a plethora of features to make the user experience qualitative and more pleasant.

Among these is account sharing. It allows family, friends and loved ones to enjoy all Disney, Marvel, Pixar content via a single subscription.

If you are interested in this function, then follow this tutorial, we do not explain how to give access to your Disney + account.

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Sharing your Disney Plus password

With Disney +, it is possible to create up to 7 profiles from a single account and enjoy unlimited streaming, on 10 devices.

The platform generously allows you to share your account with 3 other people, to whom you will have to communicate your password.

Although you can set up 7 profiles, the account sharing between seven different people can be risky since the limit of screens used simultaneously is 4.

To benefit from a good viewing quality, we therefore advise you to avoid going to the service at the same time.

If this affects the broadcasting of your programs, then inform the person with whom you share your account.

Pay your Disney + several subscription

On Disney +, to pay your monthly subscription 6.99, only one payment method is authorized.

If you also want to share the costs, or get a refund, then there are services like Lydia and Revolut to easily transfer or receive money.

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