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Follow the Apple Keynote live on World is Small!

Only a few minutes left! Apple is holding its event conference this evening at 6 p.m. As a reminder, it should focus on the services of the apple brand, namely Apple Video, Apple News Magazine, and why not Apple games. So, if you want, like all the editorial staff, to follow the keynote live, the video is just below! Sit back, relax, and enjoy with us.

We will know more about “Apple Netflix”, namely Apple Video, which would have very juicy contracts with the production company A24 Films in particular, but also Oprah Winfrey Network. Many original series, but especially third series, should be presented this evening. As for the price, we expect about $ 10 per month.

apple keynote - Follow the Apple Keynote live on World is Small!

Apple News Magazine, meanwhile, will be a platform that will allow us to access all the press in unlimited, against a subscription, also, $ 10. For now, this is only speculation, but rumors indicate this price.

Apple Games would be a subscription that would download a whole bunch of paid games on iPad and iPhone, via the App Store.iOS. No indication is allowed as to the price, but we are in any case very far from a system to the Stadia of Google, which promises him a service in streaming.

To view it, go to the Apple website!