Foldable iPhone: this is how Apple’s technology will work

Apple today filed a new patent for a folding screen concept. In particular, it shows a device that can twist at a right angle and describes how the different components move during the movement. This is not the first time that the Cupertino company has proven that it is working on this technology, and the other patents filed may give hope for a future foldable iPhone.

iPhone concept foldable screen
Credit: EverythingApplePro

The foldable screen is definitely popular with the tech giants. A patent has already confirmed that Apple is working on the technology, like its competitors. This describes the operation of a hinge allowing three positions: folded, intermediate and unfolded. The brand filed today a new patent titled “Electronic devices with a foldable extendable screen” discusses this hinge in detail and explains the possibilities it offers.

According to Apple, this could include “gear teeth, belts, and / or structures with synchronized movements ”. In other words, the firm foresees a system of which “The limbs move relatively to the others during the bending”. To avoid “Excessive rotation of bars and links” that could damage the screen surface, the manufacturer offers a pivot system outside the hinge which, for its part, “Lies within the thickness of the device”. Finally, the document discusses the methods used to limit friction and excess pressure exerted on the screen.

Apple patent foldable iphone

Apple has already filed other folding screen patents

If Apple will not release a foldable iPhone before 2023, it seems determined to offer one day. The patent thus refers to old device concepts extendable or sliding. Depending on the brand, “Structures capable of withstanding folding, sliding, scrolling and / or other behavior” could allow users to benefit from larger screen area while reducing the size of the device.

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One thing is certain, the manufacturer does not plan to equip only its future iPhones with technology. Bracelets, Laptops, Glasses, Vehicle Displays, Urban Displays… All of these and other devices are named in the patent. Although it will take a little longer to see the birth of these devices, things seem to be accelerating for Apple, which has already ordered foldable screens from Samsung.

Source: Apple Insider