Foldable and 5G: Huawei teases its next smartphone

Foldable and 5G: Huawei teases its next smartphone

Richard Yu gave more details on Huawei’s plans during an interview with Digital Trends: “ we are working on a foldable phone, a foldable 5G model ” He thus confirms rumors that the Chinese firm intends to overtake Samsung in the race for the foldable smartphone.

Image 1: Foldable and 5G: Huawei teases its next smartphone

However, this is the first time that the company has displayed its ambition to market quickly. a phone based on the 5G network. Huawei developed the Balong 5G01, a processor supporting the 3GPP protocol, she also invested $ 600 million in the development of devices compatible with 5G.

2019: the arrival of the foldable phone?

For its part, Samsung will organize a developer conference next month. According to DJ Koh, the CEO of the Korean firm, an intervention will be entirely devoted to the brand’s foldable smartphone. Several sources suggest that the South Korean firm would launch a tablet belonging to the Galaxy Note line.

Several other manufacturers are said to be developing a similar product. Microsoft would work on a handheld device in the Surface range, while Intel would build a computer with two screens. If all goes well, a foldable device will hit the market well in 2019.

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