Fly Punch Boom! Révèle une démo jouable avec une bande-annonce de chanson à thème

Fly Punch Boom! Reveal a playable demo with a theme song trailer

It looks like a mix between Brawlhalla and Dragon Ball Z.

Fly Punch Boom! is a Jollypunch Games title that seems to be all about action-packed fights in which you can throw your opponent through skyscrapers and … hit a whale in the face. A trailer was released as well as a free demo.

Described as an exaggerated anime action, beat them, Fly Punch Boom! seems to take on a similar 2D fighter style Brawlhalla, but allows players to fly as well as throw the enemy into destructive environments. Players can participate in the arcade mode which includes unlocking and discovery secrets for solo players, but there is also an option to play locally with 4 players or online with 2.

Each step has a death, some leading to a lightning striker breaking a plant in two, either maimed by cats or exploding the moon. In total, it revealed that there were more than 40 dead to be discovered. To add the heavy anime inspiration, a soundtrack from Giogiost increases the intensity throughout the game. You can check out the all-new trailer below which actually features the theme song.

In 2018, the game had a trailer showing the gameplay, and it certainly looks like a lot of improvements have been made, especially the speed and intensity of the fight. If you want to try the game, Fly Punch Boom !: First impact! has been released, a free trial version of the game. It is available to download and play directly via Steam.

No official release date has been announced, but Fly Punch Boom! will soon be heading to PC and Switch.

Fly Punch Boom! Reveal a playable demo with a theme song trailer

April 16, 2020 3:51 a.m. EST

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