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Floor Plan Creator

Despite some minor flaws, Floor Plan Creator will allow you to quickly and easily create plans for your home.

If there is a lot of software to design house plans on a computer, such as Sweet Home 3D or ArchiFacile, free Android applications of this type are rather rare. Floor Plan Creator is one of these and will allow you to create plans in a jiffy.

Floor Plan Creator allows you to draw the plans of your home in a simple and efficient way. However, drawing the plans of a building can sometimes be long and tedious. For this, the application offers, like MagicPlan on the iPhone, to take the measurements of the rooms in your accommodation using the phone’s camera and automatically generate the plans.

The interface is simple and easy to use. You can add predefined room shapes or draw them freehand, add furniture, doors or windows. Where the application stands out clearly is with its function to capture the room with the phone’s camera and generate the corresponding plan.

Just position yourself in the center of the room and turn around while taking a picture of all the corners of the room. The operation is very fast and works well, even without moving the furniture. You will be able to assemble the different parts thus “mapped” to obtain the plan of the entire floor, then export the latter in JPG format.

Floor Plan Creator nevertheless has some flaws. First, the exported plans have a watermark ” Floor Plan Creator », However relatively discreet, you will have to pay to get rid of it. You will also have to pay to export the plans in DXF format, compatible with many computer-aided design software, or in SVG vector format. Finally, measurements in capture mode can sometimes be somewhat approximate.