microsoft flight simulator xbox series x

Flight Simulator will be released on Xbox Series X and Series S in summer 2021, discover the trailer

Flight Simulator 2020, the latest flight simulator from Microsoft, will arrive on the new consoles of the Redmond firm. The latter confirms the information by revealing a release date, set for the summer of 2021, without further details. And the company promises an experience at the height of what PC players have been experiencing for a few months. And a trailer accompanied the announcement.

microsoft flight simulator xbox series x

Since August 18, all aspiring pilots can indulge in virtual flights around the world thanks to the latest installment of Flight Simulator, the aeronautical simulation series from Microsoft. Available only on PC for the modest sum of 60 euros (in its simplest version) and integrated into Xbox Game Pass almost since its release, this game offers excellent immersion, thanks to photorealistic graphics and a faithful reproduction of the physics of the thirty or so planes that are available to the player.

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On December 10, 2020, Microsoft had a good surprise in store for all fans of this simulation who have not had the opportunity to indulge in it on PC (perhaps because their machine could not stand it), but who are equipped (or have planned to be equipped in the coming months) with an Xbox Series X or Series S. Indeed, Microsoft confirms that the game will be released on its new consoles next year. And it will obviously be a additional exclusive for Xbox. You can find the official trailer for the announcement at the end of this article.

Microsoft has not announced a specific date for the launch of Flight Simulator on console. The firm simply evokes a vague ” summer 2021 “. That is to say almost a year after the PC release. If this sounds like a long time, Asobo Studios, the game’s developer, will have a lot of work to do by then. Indeed, despite the proximity in terms of architecture between a PC and an Xbox, it is not the same platform!

Microsoft promises the same experience as on PC

There will therefore be adaptation. But Microsoft promises that the experience of the Xbox grind will be the same to that offered by the PC version. You will therefore find 37,000 airports, two million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, mountains, rivers and all the landforms of the PC version, all powered by artificial intelligence and satellite data. .

You will also find the weather conditions in real time, with changes in temperature, pressure, humidity (with rain of course) and light. All DLC, Patches and Improvements will also arrive on the console version, so as not to harm anyone.

Flight Simulator 2020 will be the first installment in the series to land on console. Since the arrival of the first episode on PC in 1982, the series has never made the transition to another platform. So it will be a big step.