Flight Simulator: already more than 2 million PC players, it’s a hit

Microsoft announced that Flight Simulator has surpassed 2 million players on PC and Xbox One. An excellent performance for a title that is not easily accessible, usually reserved for a very small niche.

Flight Simulator

Microsoft comes to make a first assessment a few months after the release of Flight Simulator 2020. The title developed by the French studio Asobo was a great success for the Redmond firm. It has indeed brought together more than 2 million players in its virtual sky. A real tour de force for a flight simulation which has the reputation of being very austere and complicated to handle.

Microsoft is giving away some little extra data to support its success. The definitive Metacritic score of 91% is highlighted. In the simulation itself, these are more than 50 million flights that have been achieved. 72% of the planet’s surface has already been explored by players.

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5.6 billion kilometers have been traveled (19 times the Earth-Sun distance, Microsoft specifies) since August and the most flown city is New York. Note that the premises of the Asobo studio, located in Bordeaux, have been flown over 4,300 times.

A popular success for a license which is not, at the base. The genius of Asobo on this version, is to have proposed an easy mode to fly planes, even the largest. In this mode, a Boeing behaves as in those of GTA V. It is thus easy to make Paris-New York without knowing anything about it.

As a reminder, Flight Simulator offers players to travel the entire globe reproduced using satellite images. The title is available on PC as well as Xbox One. Microsoft is promising that it will be released on Xbox Series X and S during the summer of 2021. If you already have one of the consoles, you can play it, but it’s currently the One version that is on offer. Note that the simulation is also available at no additional cost if you have a Game Pass subscription.

Flight Simulator is a real phenomenon that fascinates the Internet. Microsoft says in fact that these are more of 9.7 million flight hours viewed on Twitch.

Source: Microsoft