Flight Simulator (2020): release date, platforms, gameplay, all about the flight simulator

Flight Simulator is back! After fourteen years of absence, the mythical simulator returns in a version impressive, both in terms of gameplay and graphics. A quick overview of what you need to know.

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator is here. The flight simulator, which focuses on realism at all costs, is making a comeback on PC and consoles. A true technical feat, it keeps all its promises. In this small file, we will take the tour essential information to know about the game.

What is Flight Simulator?

As its name suggests, Flight Simulator is a… flight simulator. It is a question here of piloting an airplane, whether it is a small cuckoo clock or a large aircraft, taking into account all the data that we could find in real life (weather forecast, dashboard, distance, etc.) .

The first part was released in 1982. Of course, everything is relatively summary because of the limitations of the time, but the essence of the series is already there. The game has gone through several versions, with Microsoft following the title as software and not as a video game.

Flight Simulator
Flight Simulator 1.0

The previous version was released in 2006, since it is Flight Simulator X. This 2020 version therefore takes up the torch after fourteen years of waiting.

When did it come out and at what cost?

Flight Simulator was released on August 18, 2020 on PC. The game is released in three different versions:

  • The standard version at 60 euros with 20 planes and 30 handmade airports.
  • The Deluxe version at 90 euros with 25 aircraft and 35 handmade airports.
  • The Premium version at 120 euros with 30 aircraft and 40 handmade airports.

Flight Simulator

On which platforms is the simulator released?

Flight Simulator released on PC. However, you must pay attention to your machine, the software being very greedy, and examine the required configurations. If the recommended remains acceptable (8th generation Intel Core i5 as well as a GTX 970), it is necessary to bring out the big guns to put the graphics to the bottom. It is also necessary to plan an update at the level of the RAM if it is not already done. Windows 10 is required. The game will be VR compatible starting this fall. Only the HP Reverb G2 will be compatible initially, but other models on the market will be supported later.

Flight Simulator

The title is available on the Xbox app on Windows 10. If it is possible to buy it on the platform, you can also play it. by being subscribed to the Game Pass, which is currently at four euros per month. It is also available on Steam. On this platform, it will be compulsory purchase to play it.

On December 10, 2020, Microsoft confirms that Flight Simulator will be released on its latest consoles. The aviation simulator will land on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S during the summer of 2021, without further clarification. This means that Flight Simulator will arrive on console a year after its arrival on PC. Even though the game was previously announced for Xbox One, the December 10 announcement is only for Microsoft’s Next-Gen consoles. Find below the trailer which illustrated the information.

On the occasion of the official arrival of the game on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft has promised that the experience offered by this version will be the same as that on PC. This means that the graphic rendering will be close, that the granularity of the map will be identical (with the same number of buildings, cities and airports) and that the meteorology will evolve here too in real time with the same conditions. Patches, upgrades, and DLC will all be there as well. The Xbox Series X / S version should also benefit from the Smart Delivery feature.

Which studio is working on it?

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! Flight Simulator is a French game. It is indeed developed by the studio Asobo, based in Bordeaux. He has already several games to his credit (in addition to his work on games from other developers). In 2009, he released Fuel, a racing game which had the particularity of having an extremely large open world (as large as half of Belgium).

Flight Simulator

In 2019, the studio out A Plague Tale: Innocence. This adventure game told us the story of a family who had to escape the Inquisition during the period of the Black Death (14th century). A narrative and playful success.

What is the gameplay?

Flight Simulator is not a game. It is flight simulation software. We cannot speak of gameplay itself. There are no goals, enemies to fight or score to explode.

Flight Simulator

This is about stealing, quite simply. The challenge lies in the joy of making a soft landing in rainy weather or having flown a long haul flight without incident. The title allows you to create precise routes and establish weather conditions according to your mood.

To fly, Flight Simulator simply offers us the entire planet. Modeled with satellite data and improved thanks to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, the landscapes are so stunning that it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between Flight Simulator and real life. Who says reproduced Earth, says completely disproportionate playground. More than 40,000 airports are modeled. It is not simply a question of flying over a landscape à la Google Maps, since these places from around the world will be faithfully reproduced on the ground. Likewise, millions of cities can be flown over. Do you want to level the ground over your house? It will be possible.

The game weighs 2 petabytes of data. Rest assured, you don’t have to make as much space on your SSD (only 150 GB) since the game will be played in streaming. However, it is possible to download pieces of map in order to play locally with the modeled landscapes.

It’s up to you to see what you do with Flight Simulator: virtual tourism, figures or even long journeys. It’s up to you to see if you want to be satisfied with small planes or if you want to try to pilot a large aircraft.