Flash sale on low-cost electronic gadgets

Flash sale on low-cost electronic gadgets

The TomTop reseller is today organizing a flash sale on a set of items offered at low prices, including electronic gadgets. On the menu: a keyboard remote control, a Bluetooth speaker, a weather station, a connected bracelet and a solar charger.

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With the arrival on the market of connected TVs and other TV dongles, wireless keyboards and trackpads are more and more popular. This model offers both features with a full Qwerty keyboard as well as a trackpad and navigation buttons for standard TVs. The whole is compatible with Android TV and can also be used to control a multimedia box. It communicates wirelessly via a USB dongle and allows to replace remote control, keyboard, mouse and joystick. Its price is currently only 6.57 €.


Gadget has become very popular since the democratization of smartphones, here is an ultra compact Bluetooth speaker. It connects to any terminal equipped with a Bluetooth 3.0 connection and offers stereo sound. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls as well as a 400 mAh battery that promises 6 hours of operation. Its price is 7.51 €.


Weather stations are also on the rise and the latter is using a color display to appeal to users. With a large display of time, temperature and humidity. It has a calendar and weather forecast display. Its price is € 6.57.


A veritable best seller at Xiaomi, the Mi Band 1S is a connected bracelet geared towards athletes. IP67 certified for water and dust resistance, it communicates wirelessly to a smartphone thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Its sensors allow the physical activity of the wearer to be monitored at a very low price: € 8.73.


Finally we finish our selection with an ultra thin solar charger with a capacity of 10W. With only 2mm thickness, it will recharge any electronic device from its USB 5v 1200 mAh output. Its price is € 11.27.