Flash Info: Happy birthday Steve!

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Posted: February 24, 2012Updated: February 24, 2012

by TanguyH

Hi jailbreakers,

Today is a very special day for the tech world, that’s why I allow myself to write a very small article of just a few sentences.

Steve Jobs - Flash Info: Happy birthday Steve!

In this Friday February 24 we celebrate the anniversary of the man who made us all gathered here daily on Worldissmall, you understand that: ne are celebrating the birthday of Steve Jobs!

It’s a bit of a bittersweet day because despite this special day, it also reminds us that it left us on October 5. Expect to see movement from the side of Cupertino and in the media, because the birthday of this dear Steve Jobs will surely not go unnoticed

“So, sad or happy on February 24?”