Flappy Bird has its arcade machine

Flappy Bird has its arcade machine

Image 1: Flappy Bird has its arcade machine

Flappy Bird finally has its arcade machine. Fans of the little yellow bird will be able to find it thanks to Bay Tek Games, the manufacturer who had the idea of ​​implementing this game in a terminal equipped with a 42-inch screen.

Downloaded more than 50 million times, Flappy Bird is the mobile buzz of 2014. Developed by the Vietnamese Nguyễn Hà Đông, it won its stripes by presenting a simplistic gameplay associated with an extreme difficulty. A single touch is necessary to flutter the small bird and try to pass between as many pipes as possible.

Flappy Bird terminal

It is the same principle that takes over the arcade machine by offering only one big red button to the controls. Bay Tek Games adds the possibility of accumulating bonuses which are added to the final score. These bonuses depend on the pipe crossed.

If you are interested in such an arcade machine, it is available for sale for $ 6,975. A pretty sum that is not necessarily worth the game it contains.

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