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FizzUp: playing sports at home without equipment

FizzUp « Sports coaching, Nutrition & Meditation Is a fitness app available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. She offers, without make-up, to help you get back in shape, thanks to short and effective programs, with or without equipment, for a result in six weeks. Only 20 minutes a day is enough!

The programs offered are adapted to everyone’s objectives: to be fit, to slim down, to sculpt your body or even to become an athlete. And of course, they are progressive: whether you are a beginner or a confirmed sportsman, the exercises change and get tough to follow the progress made and reach your goal.

Once your free account has been created and your objective has been defined, the application offers an evaluation program. In short, it is a question of defining your level and adapting your sports program accordingly. As for the presentation of the exercises, it is simple and effective, so that it is childish to follow the proposed program.

Various programs to meet all needs

For each exercise of your sports program, you will see a video of the movements to be performed, with a stopwatch to indicate the time allocated to the sequence. All accompanied by voice instructions, in French, but also advice and encouragement. The application highlights your training of the day, which follows from your personalized program.

But you also have access to other playlist of free exercises, to perform other workouts if you wish. For example the “Posture” program which strengthens the back muscles, or the “Burn” program to burn fat. FizzUp even offers a “Kids” program to carry out a family activity, with exercises suitable for children.

The application has a Premium version which provides interesting content, but not essential to achieve your goals. In fact, the majority of the nutrition component, but also yoga exercises and meditation support are subject to charges. Certain sports programs are also reserved for subscribers, but users of the free version are never harmed.

A real sports coach, just for you

At the end of each session, you have the possibility of planning your next training session, at the date and time that best suits you. FizzUp will therefore send you a reminder notification just before the set time so that you do not forget it. But the application does not stop there and behaves like a real sports coach at your service.

In addition to the precious encouragement delivered during the exercises, a certain Max from FizzUp regularly sends you emails. It is true that the key to success is attendance, so Max ensures that you stay motivated! ” You must never give up your fight. I will personally take care of it ” Nice, right?