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Fix the bug of downloads of blocked applications on “Pending …”

If that doesn’t work, or if you can’t find an app that’s “paused”, your only option at this point is to restart your device. It’s annoying, and sometimes you’ll find that your apps will disappear if they are new to downloads and you’ll have to take them from the App Store again, but, unfortunately, that’s the only way.

The problem persists on my iphone 4S, I updated the version IOS 5.1.1 a few weeks ago and for 1 week, when I want to download, I have the identifier of my wife which appears (we have 2 iphone) I just managed to give my address but since this morning I can no longer download, I go to AppStore, I click to download, it does not ask for my password and launches the application but it remains pending. I do not know what to do !