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First Mobistar newsletter! – Belgium-iPhone

First Mobistar newsletter! - Belgium-iPhone

We are present a week of the press conference organized by Mobistar, Friday 4th July who should announce us without any doubt THE precise date of iPhone launch in Belgium as well as the different prices of the iPhone 3G and eventuals packages.

Mobistar wishing to communicate has just sent his first newsletter inviting people who have registered on their portal dedicated to the iPhone 3G, to discover the latter …

For those who are not registered, here is the whole of this first newsletter:

Dear xxx,

Here is your first iPhone newsletter.

The iPhone 3G is brand new … an exceptional phone combined with the functionality of an iPod and a high-performance internet browser, all combined with the power of Mobistar’s 3G network.

Enter the new world of iPhone 3G.

-Surf on the internet, anywhere, with simplicity and speed. Mobistar's 3G network guarantees you the broadest coverage in Belgian mobile data (EDGE, 3G, HSDPA). -Download, watch your videos, listen to your favorite music.-Make it a travel companion thanks to its advanced GPS functionality.-Take your office with push technology giving permanent access to your emails, attached files, calendar and contacts.

All in a new ultra-flat design, 133g allg, in white or black.

The world is in your hand.

Discover the iPhone 3G in detail? It’s here and now with Mobistar.

Let your friends know about exclusive iPhone information by signing up here.

We discuss it on the forum.

@ Alex