First images of a documentary on ... Apple's Final Cut Pro X

First images of a documentary on … Apple's Final Cut Pro X

learn-final-cut-pro-ipa ipad iphoneIt is relatively rare to discover a documentary on a software. An American has just raised the funds needed to produce a film on Final Cut Pro X through crowdfunding on KickStarter.

Final Cut Pro is a virtual editing software published today by Apple after the purchase in 1998, but originally developed by Macromedia. But for this documentary, Fedora studio boss Bradley Olsen has been interested in the major update of 2011.

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a documentary about … Apple's Final Cut Pro X

If you're outside the world of video, this six-year-old change will not tell you anything, but be aware that the latest major update of this software has caused a small earthquake in Hollywood and video professionals.

While some have finally adapted to the new and more streamlined interface, others have totally abandoned the apple brand altogether because of this change.

here is the pitch of this documentary and its video presentation:

"It's not just a documentary about a product made by Apple, it's a case study of how people react when a tool they depend on to work changes." Why do some people swear that they left Apple completely while others rallied to Final Cut Pro X and formed a community and what led Apple to make such a polarizing software anyway? "