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First aid: how to use your smartphone in an emergency?

first aid emergencies use your smartphone

We all spend a lot of time with our noses or ears glued to our smartphones, but did you know that it can also save you? In the event of an accident, your smartphone can give essential information to the rescuers which will allow them to act more quickly while reducing the risk of error. Your smartphone can also indicate the people to contact if necessary. If some phones directly integrate applications to do so, others overlay make this feature disappear. To benefit, download the ICE emergency app.

Once the application is installed, launch it, the application will then ask you to specify your identity and your blood group. A comment box allows you to specify any additional information that you consider important: allergy, major operation, equipment (prosthesis, pins, etc.).

emergency health information

In a second step, the application asks you for the contact details of a person to contact. In addition to simply letting this person know, they may have to make medical decisions about you. You can, if you wish, indicate several people.

emergency contacts

Once this information has been entered, when you lock your smartphone (or on the standby screen), an ICE notification appears. By dragging it, the emergency services will have access to precious information.

ICE in case of emergency

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