Kuo confirms miniLED screens on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro 2020

First ad for the Macbook Pro 16 inch (at 7,139 €)

icon macbook 2016For its first publicity 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has necessarily chosen professionals to highlight the capabilities of its flagship flagship. Sold 2699, the Macbook Pro 16 inch can mount 7139 with options like 64 GB of RAM, 8 TB of storage or the AMD graphics card with 8 GB of RAM.

macbook pro 16 2019 apple

The Pro are advertising the new prodigy: the MBP 16

The one who replaced the Macbook Pro 15 inch fire is here put in scene with video game developers, photographers, musicians, artists in visual effects, etc.

If the RAM allows to have a flawless fluidity, if the 8 TB SSD storage can save all his photos, if the speakers stro 6 voices are incredible, Apple has still managed to place that the return of the key Esc in physics is a novelty! Fort.

Here is the Apple video in French on the new 16-inch Macbook Pro: