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Firmware 1.1.2: Activation and unlocking possible but …

unlock.jpgWe can start consider switching your iPhone to the new firmware 1.1.2. BUT having said that, I must admit that the procedure is somewhat tedious.

FrenchiPhone offers a whole set of procedures that I have not yet tested. These procedures are different sharpnesses previous firmwares.

When I see the number of returns from people who have tested and been planted although some people are successful in doing so. I prefer, for my part, to wait for a solution semi-automated or better yet, autimatise such as iBrick, Carnival,…

If you have just ordered an iPhone in the USA recently, this should not be a problem. It will certainly be in 1.1.1. On the other hand, we can think that stocks are being replaced.

We will of course keep you informed if a solution prcice, easy and reliable emerges for the firmware 1.1.2.

@ Alex